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Prefold Diaper Service

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Keep it simple.

Do I have to use pins? Not at all! Our cotton diapers are made to fit in a modern diaper cover. You simply place the cotton diaper in the cover and wrap around your baby.  On a weekly basis, clean 100% pure cotton diapers will be delivered in exchange for your soiled diapers. We provide all the sizes of pre-fold cloth diapers, from Preemie to Toddler.

What's included:

  • Our refold diapers come in 5 sizes.  Preemie 4-8lbs, newborn 7-15 lbs, infant 10-20 lbs, med 15-30lbs  and toddler 30- 40 lbs.
  • Same diapers back every week.
  • 80 Newborn,Infant and preemie , 60 Medium, 50 Toddler per week
  • Same diaper back each week.
  • Diaper pail liner.


  • 4 weeks $88.00. Weekly rate of $22.00. 
  • 12 weeks + 2 weeks free  $264.00. Weekly rate of $18.86
  • 24  weeks+ 5 weeks free $528.00. Weekly rate of $18.20
  • 36 weeks + 8 weeks free $792.00. Weekly rate $18.00 

Please watch the DEMO below!

Check out our diaper fold pages!  Do you have more questions please give us a call 951-290-3139.

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