Schedule a coffee date with one of our founders and ask us anything & everything. Whether you’re currently pregnant or just starting to think about your parenting journey; we love to share our wisdom and help you gain clarity and peace.


This appointment is where you can ask all of your burning questions in a safe and welcoming space. We offer referrals to the best resouces our community has to offer if more in depth support is needed. Our experienced guides intuitively recognize areas where you need more information and will offer up our wisdom to fill in any knowledge gaps regarding birth in the Austin community, your parenting journey, or pregnancy in general.

Ask us ANYTHING: when to start prenatal care, how to find a provider, which car seat, which classes you really need, tips on maternity clothes or baby items….. ANYTHING. Learn about the resources available to Austin families and which ones we recommend & why.

  • Get expert opinions on how to achieve your desired birth outcome.
  • Process your previous birth and gain insight on how to navigate the next one.
  • Learn helpful tips to prepare for a VBAC, HBAC, planned cesarean, whatever birth you desire.
  • Formulate a list of questions to quickly screen any provider and be certain they match your desired birth preferences.
  • Get insider information regarding which books to read, where to get the best massage, how to know what’s normal, how to support your partner and how they can support you.

Our guides intuitively allow for the flow of information based on your specific needs and questions. Sage advice from experts: Austin Doula Care is your calm in the internet sea of pregnancy information.

$100 for a 1.5 hour, intimate session with Tayna.