Newborn 6 week special

Newborn 6 week special

Pishposh Diaper Co


For our Cloth Diaper Service we use Pishposh Diaper Co own 100% unbleach cotton 'prefold' diapers, which are the highest quality available. This year were proud to announce we have found American manufacture for our prefold. Our diapers come in a variety of sizes, so that you get just enough absorbency while minimizing bulk. To use the diapers, simply fold in the edges to make a rectangle, and then stick the diaper into a waterproof cover. When the diaper is soiled you put the prefold in your pail, and re-use the cover.


We pick up your dirty diapers and drop off clean diapers to your doorstep every week. Easy!

Your diaper bundle is delivered in a waterproof cloth bag to further reduce your waste and for extra durability.

We provide a deodorizer, which we replace every other week.

Pricing: $175

  • 6 weeks of service
  • 4 diaper covers
  • 40 cloth wipes

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