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Birthday Unlimited Diaper Service

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  • What happens if this service dose not work out for me?

    We get asked this alot.  Becuase our cloth diaper service is not refundable we recommend you start with one month of service in the option of your choice.  Onces you decide this is diapering option for you, we will issue a discount code for the one month service you already paid for to be applied to the unlimited package.  Please note upgades must happen with in a month of starting your service.


The ultimate packages are designed for those clients that are looking to make a one time payment and that's it!

Gone are the days of bulky plastic pants and saggy, wet bottoms. Pins and Snappis are a thing of the past. 

Each week on the same day a Pishposh rep will pick up your solid diapers and drop off a fresh set right on your door step. We guarantee the same diapers back every week.  


  • 80 Newborn/ Infant
  • 60 Medium
  • 50 Toddler
  • Unlimited cloth diaper service unto 40lbs or 3 years.


We recommend our Envelope Cover Rental for our No Fold Diaper Service.  The Envelope Covers can be used with any of our services.  We also have a Diaper Wrap Rental rental that works with the prefold and fitted diaper service.  Both are one time fee's.

The proper cover for the No Fold Srvice is vital to your success with cloth.  We recommend Applecheecks, bumGenius (fits at 8lbs) and Softbums if you would like to buy your own.

For those of you how need financing please check out with our layaway button for payments.