54 Qt Cloth Diaper Pail

54 Qt Cloth Diaper Pail


Dump the Cloth Diaper Pail for a Trash Can!

Tips for choosing a Cloth Diaper Pail:

First determine your method for cloth diaper storage. The two most popular ways to store your cloth diapers is either with the "wet pail" or a "dry pail" method.

The "wet pail" method of storing diapers means that you fill a pail half way with water along with a pre-treatment, such as vinegar, baking soda, or tea tree oil to help neutralize urine and soak the stains away. When using a "wet pail", it is recommended that you change the water daily. If left too long the water becomes stinky and slimy. It will soak that stink and slime right in to your diapers! Another thing to consider is having to lug and lift that sloshing diaper pail to the washing machine. With this type of storage it is imperative that you choose a diaper pail that has a tight locking lid. The dangers of a child falling into and drowning into a pail like this HAS happened! For this very reason, we DO NOT recommend our diaper pail for this type of storage. The "dry pail" method of storing diaper is our preferred and recommended way of storage.

Using a "dry pail" method of storing diapers means that basically you toss you diaper right into the pail as is. Today's washing machines are capable of thoroughly washing out messes contained in the diaper.