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About us

Pishposh Diaper Co is a locally owned and operated family business. As a mother of two in cloth diapers, I look forward to educating San Diego about the environmental and health benefits of cloth diapering. I find cloth diapering to be a wonderful gift that I can’t wait to share with you and your family.

Tayna Chessman and David Chessman, created Pishposh Diaper Co in 2010 when our first baby was born. They read countless childcare and pregnancy materials to ensure that they would be well-educated when their little miracle arrived.

In May of 2016, my husband and I acquired www. We were very disturbed when we read the harsh stories of what is used to produce these "absorbent disposable diapers" and how long it takes for one to decompose in our landfills. We enjoy spreading the benefits that cloth diapers offer. 

We are excited about our new adventure and we are confident in the difference we will make in our community. Come see how our cloth diapers can help your child to potty train much sooner!

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