Lactation & Postpartum Counseling

Lactation Consultations

Breastfeeding is often thought of as one of those things that naturally happens for a new mother and her baby, but the reality is that things can be far more difficult. Natural Choice Service helps moms in the Temecula and San Diego area with their breastfeeding needs. We provide help with everything from your initial breastfeeding plan, to coaching and education through the entire process.  We are more than just your average Los Angeles lactation consultant; we are your partner in this important part of motherhood.

What Can a Consultant Help With?

We help mothers all over Riverside and San Diego County with a wide variety of lactation related issues.  Many women contact us with pain issues, and we’re able to help identify the root cause, and develop a plan to treat it. Other mothers are seeking help with pumping issues or returning to work, and regardless of your issue, if it’s lactation related, we are here to help.