Cloth Diaper Service

All In One service is currently on back order. Please  order 6 to 8 weeks in advance to ensure delivery.

We offer three different styles of cloth diaper service as well as a Best-of-Both service to allow you to use two styles of diapers. We have carefully curated our Newborn Starter Bundles so that you will have everything you need to successfully cloth diaper your baby. You may modify your service at any time  to meet the needs of your family.

 Before you began shopping here some basic information to help make your shopping experience easier.  The cloth diaper service 411.

Prefolds and Covers:

Prefolds are 100% cotton diapers, square in shape. They can be wrapped around the baby and fastened (with a plastic tether fastener called a Snappi), or folded like a business letter and laid inside a cover. Prefolds absorb and contain, but need a second piece called a cover. Covers are waterproof, usually laminated polyester materials in bright colors, they cover the prefold diaper to make for a waterproof system. Most covers can be reused throughout the day, unless a bowel movement leaks onto them.


Fitted diapers are similar to prefolds and easily interchanged with them for diapering. Fitteds absorb and contain, but do not require using a fastener or folding, they will have snap closure. Fitteds do need a cover, like prefolds do. Fitteds are useful in older babies for napping and nighttime, as their absorbency wraps around your baby rather than just down the middle like pocket diapers.

AIO's or All-In-One's:


One piece, easy to use, great for caregivers. It’s trim fitting under clothes, but if your baby out wets their absorbency, just let us know and we can make adjustments to increase absorbency. Most babies will have 3 - 4 adjustments in a 20 month of diaper service.  This diaper fits best at 9-10 lbs. No cover is needed; this is a one piece system.

Hybrid or AI2 (All-In-Two) Systems:


This system relies on using an outer shell that is waterproof. What absorbs the feces and urine is changed during the day. A hybrid diaper allows families to choose different inserts to fit their needs. It consists of a reusable cloth diaper cover that is paired with the insert of your choice. This is a great system to take you from birth to potty training.  This system can be paired with side extenders to convert it into a potty training diaper.