Welcome to Pishposh Diaper Co.,  San Diego and Inland Empire’s primier cloth diaper service and boutique.  Pishposh Diaper Service provides their signature diaper service to San Diego County, Riverside County and Orange County.


We would like to introduce our 2 new collection for 2016!  Wonderland and Girls Just Want To Have Fun!  We are excited to be able to bring them to you in the Prefold and All In 2 service options. 

What is All In 2 Service?

All in Two cloth diapers service has a waterproof cloth diaper shell and an absorbent insert. Unlike a pocket diaper, the diaper insert goes directly against the baby's skin. When the cloth diaper becomes wet, you simply change out the insert instead of changing the entire cloth diaper. All In Two cloth diaper systems (AI2) are quickly gaining a following among cloth diaper service fans!  THIS IS NO FOLD DIAPER! DAD APPROVED.

What else is changing?

Diaper covers and wipes will now be included in with diaper service when you order 3 month or more.  Yes this includes our new collections!


Newborn diaper rental

You can know build your own package.  This is great for a family who wants to wash at home but not sure what type of diaper work best for their family.  This package is a 8 week rental and gives you 4 different newborn diapers to try. At the end of the rental you'll get 10% off your purchase of a cloth diaper stash.

Why Pishposh Diaper Co?

Pishposh Diaper Co believes that every baby deserves the absolute best. That's why every baby that signs up for diaper service with us gets their own private set of diapers. 

We believe so strongly that your baby deserves the best that we send our diapers out for testing to independent laboratories to ensure the highest quality and purest diaper available.

Pishposh Diaper Co is founded and run by a mom like you. We are thoroughly dedicated in helping moms and environmental problems caused by disposable diapers. We are a proud member of two organizations, which are ‘Real Diaper Industry Association’ (RDIA) and ‘Real Diaper Association’ (RDA). Both of these organizations support research and education in the cloth diaper industry.

What can you expect from Pishposh Diaper Co?

We take pride in supplying an exceptional cloth diaper service as well as friendly and supportive customer service.  Each week on the same day, around the same time,  our driver “Diaper Dave” will be delivering pure, 100% clean diapers from your private diaper stash. In staying with our mission to be as eco-friendly as possible, our diapers are delivered in a reusable waterproof wet bag to your door.

If you find that you need additional items or support, we're here to help.  We pledge to provide you with the level of knowledge and customer service that you just can't find online.

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